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General Ideas

So, the school I currently work for has decided to go distance once more beginning December 1st. Because of this, I expect to have more time to be able to build content and post, especially since I finish with college classes the second week of December. I would love to hear what levels and subjectsContinue reading “General Ideas”


Hello everyone! Sorry that I have taken some time away from the sites, as I was trying to get more time in with family before the fall comes in and takes the time away from me. I am expecting to return to work early September, and will start taking classes for my second bachelor’s degreeContinue reading “Update”

Science News for July 4th

The Unknowns of COVID-19 Since the outbreak, scientists have struggled to understand why different individuals react differently to the virus. They now think that genes make a difference in the symptoms that an individual show. Genomic testing done in Italy and Spain have shown that individuals with severe symptoms more likely to be a carrierContinue reading “Science News for July 4th”

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