Exploration Overload

What inspired me to start Exploration Overload was my love of science, myths, and history. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science, where I also minored in Biology. My intent when I graduated was that I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for science by going into education and outreach. However, it didn’t happen. I found that not having a teaching degree, or experience teaching, made it difficult to get into the field.

However, I will not let that stop me. I found a site, that allowed me to teach classes, despite not having a teaching certificate. I also started to introduce some of the easier things to my son and my cousins, who are all under 5. This really made me want to expand my reach and start the blog, where I can hopefully help make ideas and the explanations easier to understand.

On this site, I hope to explore more than just science, and help kids (or adults) understand the world around them, including diving into stories, myths, fables, art, nature, and history. I have found it interesting how sometimes things can relate, despite being from completely different disciplines.

Share in the comments what your favorite subject was in school. In elementary school, I was a gym nut, however, in high school, I fell in love with science.

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