General Ideas

So, the school I currently work for has decided to go distance once more beginning December 1st. Because of this, I expect to have more time to be able to build content and post, especially since I finish with college classes the second week of December. I would love to hear what levels and subjects that you are interested in finding, as it aids me in planning content. As for November, I am continuing to work on things behind the scenes and hope to push it out beginning December.

Current works in progress that will be coming out in December:

Ocean Book (I need to do illustrations for it yet, but the story is written.)

Ocean Craft- Build a Coral Reef

Ocean Activity- Layers of the Ocean Experiment

Ocean Activity- Ocean Acidification

Ocean Activity- Fresh/Salt Water Compare and Contrast

Ocean Activity- Erosion

Ocean Reading-Food Chain

Ocean Activity- Mapping Sea Floor

Ocean Activity-Melting Ice

Ocean Activity-Currents

Ocean Activity- Vocabulary Activities

Ocean Reading- Ocean Related Jobs

Ocean Coloring Pages and Look and Finds

Ocean Reading- Jacques Cousteau (History)

Ocean Math- Various Worksheets involving counting, addition, subtraction, fractions, and conversions.

I’m also planning on doing smaller readings on different animals that live in the ocean, as well as a booklet, and some other activities. I also hope to get some Ocean myths available, with different activities to do with that. Also, worksheets, activities, and study guides for various ocean documentaries that are available on different streaming services and vary in length and difficulty.

My goal moving forward is to focus on one topic every month or two and create different curriculum around that topic, spanning different disciplines (science, math, reading, writing, and history). If there is a topic you hope to see, or different resources available, please let me know, and I will try to work it into the schedule.

Hope everyone is staying safe!

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