Sarah Schroeder

My name is Sarah. I am a single mom, marine corps veteran, student, and aspiring scientist. My first degree was a B.A. in Earth Science with a minor in Biology. Currently, I am getting my second degree in Agricultural Sciences, with an animal science minor, and emphasis in Fisheries. In my free time, I love learning about space, astrobiology and planetary science was one of my loves in school, and is something I still would love to study more in the future.

My favorite aspect in science is the outreach and education. In my senior year while getting my first degree, I found that I enjoyed communicating science much more than I enjoyed research. I still love research, but the ability to communicate and interact with students and the public made my heart fill with joy. I firmly believe that science should be accessible to everyone, and not only for those who have degrees.

Exploration Overload stemmed from my interest in science outreach. My goal for it is to cover everything from science news to educational content for all grades and adults. I really think about what would have helped me learn a given topic or how I would explain it to different people. There are so many hopes and goals for this site, that I hope to see it further expand and grow as time passes.

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