Hello everyone! Sorry that I have taken some time away from the sites, as I was trying to get more time in with family before the fall comes in and takes the time away from me. I am expecting to return to work early September, and will start taking classes for my second bachelor’s degreeContinue reading “Update”

Science News for July 4th

The Unknowns of COVID-19 Since the outbreak, scientists have struggled to understand why different individuals react differently to the virus. They now think that genes make a difference in the symptoms that an individual show. Genomic testing done in Italy and Spain have shown that individuals with severe symptoms more likely to be a carrierContinue reading “Science News for July 4th”

Science News June 27th

Hope for exoplanets with atmospheres may be around a red dwarf. Nature recently published a news article around GJ 887, a red dwarf star that has 2 Earth-sized planets. This isn’t any star though, it is the brightest red dwarf seen from Earth and isn’t very active, meaning that it is less likely to haveContinue reading “Science News June 27th”

Exploration Overload

What inspired me to start Exploration Overload was my love of science, myths, and history. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science, where I also minored in Biology. My intent when I graduated was that I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for science by going into education and outreach. However, it didn’tContinue reading “Exploration Overload”

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